As we view the decline of manliness and masculinity, many, including our families, our women, our children, and our communities are feeling the burden of society. The Manhood project has been initiated as a response and in an attempt to raise the awareness of the need for men to be returned to their natural place and standing in society.

Men, in general, once occupied a dominant place in the home, workplace, and community. As we look at men of generations past, from Abraham, to George Washington, to Frederick Douglas, to John Wayne, to Martin Luther King Jr., to our grandfathers, and to our fathers we had an example of manliness and masculinity that could not be refuted. These men believed in something, stood for something and it all bled from a physical, mental, emotional, and internal strength that is intrinsic to all men.

The MANHOODPROJECT.COM endeavors to define and return men to this place of innate manliness and masculinity that was once common to all. This T-shirt campaign is only the first phase designed to raise the awareness of the need for men to return to their place of dominance and prominence in their families, culture, and communities. There will be subsequent phases to continue in the process of restoring masculinity, as defined by the MANHOODPROJECT.COM. Stay Tuned.


The MANHOODPROJECT.COM is privileged to donate a percentage of its proceeds to reputable men’s groups and mentoring projects throughout the United States. You can help us to help others by recommending like- minded programs in your city or elsewhere.

Please click on the link above and we will follow-up with the organization of your choice to determine their fundability. Thank You.


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